Sunday, September 26, 2010

I realized today sitting in room 146 of the VAB while concert band was performing that i still think of myself as a child. like really realized it and thought how stupid i am. I'm 21. Been a woman since my quince right? 6 years of still thinking of myself as like this little kid never wanting to make decisions or stand up for my beliefs still afraid to be myself in front of so many people. well at least my full real self. i think its about time i changed this it's one of my least favorite qualities. stupid childish shyness. starting right now i'm going to start acting my age and not my shoe size. which is 8 1/2. if any wants to give me cute shoes:).

other news.
scale juries are coming up in a week or so. this will be the year i finally play them perfectly. i hope. It's not even that there hard cause there not just i lose focus or forget under pressure. im not sure. but not this year. this will be my year.
the wind ensemble/concert band concert went well:)
next week wind ensemble/ orchestra concert for the latin festival:) exciting.

OH! Last night Chris and I took his Mom to Texas de Brazil. it was insane! so much meat. so much amazing meat. people came by with skewers of it and cut it up for you. and they had this incredible salad bar. so big.filled with cheese and shrimp and olives these little berries that were like olive pickely garlic soo good so much besides the salad. and the wine was amazing. the cheesecake was amazing. the hot tea was amazing. it was perfect.

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