Saturday, November 13, 2010


last night was kind of crazy. A bunch of the girls and me went out for our good friend Rallia's 23rd Birthday. She had a VIP room waiting for us at some club downtown. i hadn't really been to a club before and not sure if i liked the idea but i went for Rallia. We were supposed to get there at 11 for free entry and i wasn't going to pay to go to a club so we all met around 9 but we didn't end up leaving till 1030. so everyone but Rallia's car of 3 people got there after 11, i still don't understand how she did it. but the process to get in this place is ridiculous. lines around both sides of the building all entrances jam packed people pushing, shoving , cursing, cops all over the place and by this time i was already kinda over the idea why would i want to go dancing with these people.but we stayed for Rallia and the situation got worse. they couldnt find her name on the list and refused to look at the list for our names so we got wristbands and still not allowed in without paying. so we waited more . finally Rallia answers her phone and for an hour we're stuck outside waiting on this nasty rode with , i know its rude and not really in my nature to say it but by how they were acting im saying its true, trashy people. then the bouncer guy raised entry to twenty dollars. TWENTY DOLLARS for a nasty club? i don't get it, and people payed it. finally we decide to leave, some of our group payed the twenty dollars and got in. on the way to the car this jerk started problems with a homeless man in a wheelchair, soon after shirts were off and they were getting ready to fight. these spanish guys were cheering them on and i told them off i had to, i was disgusted. i just cant believe people downtown. how could you approve of that and try to get it to go further. maybe i'm not made for downtown i just don't get it. I feel like if people spend to much time there they'd begin to lose faith in humanity. once we got back to the car rallia called she was outside and had talked to the owner and we could get in the club free so we walked back. It was fun but not somewhere i want to go again. i love to dance but the stuff going on in a club i refuse to consider dancing. i don't like the constant ogling or how just because you're not dancing with a guy every guy thinks he can get up behind you and it's ok. its not ok and i told them. no respect what happened to asking a lady if she would like to dance well one guy did ask and i politely said no i have a boyfriend. if it was really dancing he wanted i would of said yea but i'm not gonna grind on some guy when i have a boyfriend its disrespectful. the atmosphere kind of sucked it was so loud , really smoky, and really really dirty like random marks on your body from bumping something. i did break a jar of lollipops and spill this guys beer. i'm a klutz and it was packed even in vip. the guy was real nice about it i offered to buy another but he kept saying don't worry i already forgot about it and glass was instantly cleaned up and no one was hurt. I don't want to sound like i'm complaining. i had fun! i danced a lot, lounged around upstairs talked to some great people. but clubbing isn't the right fit for me, i don't get it people spend hours waiting in lines for that. what about house parties or like a bar.i like to be able to use more dance moves then a hip shake and an arm in the air, just not enough room in the club. The night ended with a trip to steak and shake and with Rallia realizing her new iphone was stolen. the night ended up being a fun adventure, good bonding time, and some happy memories were made. Happy Birthday Rallia thanks for a great night.
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