Tuesday, April 19, 2011

found out my license expired on my birthday as i tried to buy beer at the circle k by chris' house. they always give me hard time there, like i'm lying about being 22. who wants to be 22? i dont get it. so for over a week ive been driving with an expired license and when i casualy mentioned it on my way out the door this morning i was not allowed to drive and got driven to school by my father. which wasn't all bad we got in some well needed talking time. but i did leave my music in my car which was at home so i had to get a friend to drive me home just to grab my music. really lame. i hate depending on other people. we did stop at a puppy store on the way to school and it was the best idea of the day. i fell in love with a havanese. looked like baby charlie. i love charlie.
studied scores all evening and then
had a lovely dinner with my boo and caught some of the magic game.
got to get back to work. working hard for summer.
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