Sunday, May 8, 2011


The semester is officially officially over since the commencement ceremonies took place this weekend.
It is really crazy to see that all of friends have graduated again. but this time from college.
This is the semester that i was supposed to graduate. Which makes it even more crazy because i didn't.
I still have about another year maybe a year and a half. I switched from molecular micro biology to music education than to music performance. so I added about a year a half to the 4 standard years. Plus, 5 years is typical for a music student and i only really have lessons left to take I've finished all my required for music.
It's still weird to see everyone you knew from high school and have met all through college from classes graduating and becoming adults.
My brother got a second masters yesterday, pretty awesome. he is on track for a doctorate and was told if he took a certain class he could get a second masters this semester and he did. I'm really proud of him.
Im also really proud of my boo, he also graduated with his masters and I am super happy for him:) he works so hard and deserves the world.
I don't think I would have been ready to graduate. I still have so much to learn from my teacher and about life before i decide on what grad school i want to attend or what exactly I'm going to try and accomplish with my life. I think this extra year is needed for my own personal growth.

My brother and me at his graduation lunch/dinner.

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