Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Schools Out!


I am so grateful that I made it through this semester. It was a tough finish but i did a great job. 5 A's 1 B and a C+. thank goodness for that + a C- is failing in music. the most ridiculous class ever that Woodwind pedagogy and lit. usually just a class to touch on repertoire and history turned into a full history of woodwind instruments class. insane but I passed and it is over!

so far summer has been great, I've been sleeping properly, eating normally, and seeing my love everyday.
I also cut my hair, it's the shortest it has been since i was a baby.

i love it and i might go a little shorter when i get it trimmed in a few weeks.

Im really excited about this summer, I have so much time to play the oboe. i want to get so much better this summer. i want to improve all of my little issues and strengthen my technique. i feel so determined. Chris and I are also getting ready to record our pieces and get a website up for our oboe guitar duo. hopefully we can get gigs for almost every night of the week, thats the goal.

yesterday i cut Charlie's (my dog) hair. i was scared when i first started cutting i thought i ruined him it was so bad. He is a Poodle Schnauzer mix so his hair is thick and curly and doesn't stop growing, he is my little sheep. it was bad i try so hard to brush him and keep him clean but he still manages to get all matted up his hair was a disaster and being on a summer budget i had no choice but to do it myself.
Here is the before:

and after:

been a great week a summer vacation. I start playing in a local orchestra tomorrow im excited ill be playing along side David Bourns who was my teacher and was the Principal Oboist of the Puerto Rican Symphony Orchestra, i'm hoping i learn a lot from him.

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