Monday, May 30, 2011

this has been a really great week.

On thursday Chris and I played a show at the New Covenant Anglican Church. it was really nice. Chris did a really great job on his solo repertoire. I on the other hand played ok was not my best. i really need to get on my reed making it is starting to hold me back. It is just a lot harder when there isn't someone checking on you every week to make sure your making them and to check if you are making them right.

Friday Chris and I went to a museum where they had a tiffany glass exhibit. It was so inspiring. he did so much more then make pretty lamps. They had the remains of the chapel Tiffany had created. it was so stunning so much detail and percision. He truly mastered his craft.

On Saturday Chris and I went to Visit his mom and Rick at a condo they were staying in in Siesta Key. That place was magnificent. We spent most of the day at the beach which was the best beach I've been to in Florida. The water was so clear you could see the sand and the fishes also it felt like being in a bath the water was so comfortable. usually i go to beaches on the atlantic and the water never seems to be a comfortable temperature but the gulf is so nice the perfect temperature cool but not freezing. The are around the beach was really great. We had dinner at this little restaurant in the Villages called The Cottage. The food there was sooo good. The chef was a Peruvian man and he cooked some phenomenal food. I want to talk about every dish we ordered but i feel like that would take to long. it was just a great great day.

Sunday I took another beach trip this time to Daytona where my Uncle owns a time share. This was also a really great trip because my whole family was there. I hadn't taked a family beach trip since i was itty bitty. I never knew my mom or brother loved the water so much. My baby niece was there for her first beach trip looking adorable in her dora swimsuit and her flower sun hat. it felt really special to be out there with everyone it was a real treat to see everyone relax and have fun.


  1. Thanks:) this was an awesome weekend, the whole family out on the beach in daytona, luis especially loves the water, something i didn't know about him..


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