Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Strange Creature..

On July 10th I made my first terrarium using an old jam jar and moss, soil, and weeds i found in my backyard. I chose to start with weeds because they are hard to kill, right?

well eventually the plants died like they usually do in my care and it looks like this.

If you look really close there is some creature living in my jar. So crazy, the jar is completely sealed it must have hatched and grew into this thing without me even noticing. It's been there for a few days now and it is still moving around a lot. It has super long daddy long leg style legs and more weird news there are little sproutlings coming out from the dead weeds.

I had given up on this design because if doesn't let air reach the plants and i was sure thats why everything died, but new life is coming in and if i didn't have an air-tight jar that creature could've been in my bed. >.< Here are some more photos.

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