Thursday, March 28, 2013


We're moving!

we realized a few weeks ago we were wasting to much on rent so i found us a place that costs half  as much as the place we are in, its a two floor one- one and its super cute, and by cute i mean shitty but with the help of my parents and best friend these past two days the place is looking awesome. we signed the lease three days ago and ive been painting and scrubbing ever since, we are trying to be fully moved in by tomorrow night.. we haven't packed a thing!
plan is to move all night tonight, finish painting and cleaning tomorrow moving more tomorrow night and that should be it. hopefully. ill post pictures soon of the before and afters and maybe do a house tour video...

on a side note I got accepted to Manhattan School of Music!!!!!!!!!
And I got offered a scholarship. I'm in heaven right now.
I'll keep everyone posted, but i hope this NY thing goes through, i had counted it out as never gonna happen so this was a complete game changer. so far i've been accepted everywhere that has responded 4/5 schools and just waiting on peabody.

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