Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hello again. been an exciting couple of days since i've posted caught up with friends got good work done on the oboe. My bf gave a show the other day over at stardust which is a local cafe. It turned out awesome and had a great turnout.

the music was a mixture of classical guitar pieces some electronic music and improv with help from the audience. I'm proud of him:) He's bringing music that wouldn't usually be performed in cafes or bars and the people love it. it's awesome.
Finally got the book for the production of ragtime ill be performing in, its HUGE. It should be a great experience and lots of fun i'm pretty excited. i should be starting to play in some open mic nights soon which is exciting i need to get out there and perform.
I havent been able to sleep properly for a few days, been going to bed around 3 every night so i'm gonna go try and sleep now.
oh ya!and i got BANGS. love em.
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