Tuesday, June 8, 2010


so yesterday was pretty amazing. finally got over that dang cold. first sign it was going to be a great day. the band I'm in had our first official rehearsal and it was awesome i feel like this group is going to be so fun and i get to uke it up.<3<3. after a beautiful morning i get to pick up the love of my life from the airport. i hate the airport every time i go i have to drive in a circle at least 5 times while getting cut off repeatedly missing turns because once you signal everyone speeds up, so hectic but completely worth it. got to spend the day with 2 of my loves:) On oboe i got called on a gig:) its about an hour away every weekend in july will be filled with performances plus rehearsal dates. I'll be playing in a production of Ragtime and im excited!!! more updates on this later.
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