Saturday, June 5, 2010


so i'm sick. which is pretty crazy since i rarely ever get sick. last night was one of the worst nights i've ever had kept tossing and turning every inch of me hurt. i was freezing but would instantly make the pillow warm which only added to my discomfort. don't think i really got to bed until around 6 am only to wake up at 8 to my alarm. the alarm i set to wake up and take Charles to the dog beach. i was so excited but there will be more time for all that this summer. for now i'm just laying in bed home a lone wishing i could just watch some will & grace but i can only find excerpts online. practicing doesn't even sound nice i think the back-pressure would make my head explode. hopefully this will all be gone in a few hours and i could still enjoy the beautiful day outside. 2 days till i pick chris up from the airport and i couldn't be more excited!:)
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