Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Another great weekend:)
went to tarpon springs again this weekend. had a great drive with my baby. His dad had gotten us tickets to see the turtle island string quartet. they were awesome:) we went to a workshop at 2 in the afternoon they played a few pieces talked about a few techniques they used and answered a few questions. Chris gave me a small tour of his hometown. old neighborhoods, schools, important landmarks. i love things like that, learning bits of his past and seeing the places that had a big impact on his life. later we met up with his dad had a nice dip in the pool ate delicious appetizers. the concert was amazing. just so good. best viola solo ive ever heard. the concert took place in the one part of tarpon springs i know i guess its like the downtown where the sponge docks are. for the past two years the SAI sister have done a retreat down in that part of tarpon and we always go out to the sponge docks one night of the trip. but being there with chris and his family made it all the more special.
over the past few days chris and i have been working on a few pieces of music to play together for bastille day. its actually been going really well and im pretty excited about it:)
I also cut his hair again this time took a lot more off meaning that if i messed up i could possibly ruin it. thankfully i didn't. it came out quite nice:)

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