Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ragtime has started. Eustis is a crazy little town. there's an awesome coffee shop Olivias by the theater. best tea i've had and they play live music a few nights a week and the owners are super nice and play mountain music. There's also a bar that opened during our opening week that we usually go to after shows. the owners there are also pretty amazing and every weekend they have live music. the people in eustis are really friendly and there are so many stars out at night and so many deer. so different. have shows most days a week wed- sun thurs-sun, this weeks a wed - sun . third week in 1 more after this a thur-sun. even though this show has been a great experience im ready for my summer back.

my nieces have been coming by pretty much everyday and i get to spend the day here watching tv and playing games.there so cute.

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