Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The era of ragtime had come to an end as though history was a tune on a player piano
overall ragtime was a great experience. i learned so much and feel like i've improved my playing in so many ways because of this show. plus i got to meet a lot of great people and grow a little as a person. and im now finally comfortable in a bar and a little more comfortable playing out and being heard:)

a few pics from the month.

now that this is all over ive gone back to reality. today i went to park ave and played with my best friend g. we read through some jazz standards and made some money in tips. it was a lot of fun but crazy hot outside. on the way home her car broke down. turns out she needs a new alternator and we both ended up walking home. we each had our instruments and a good long walk home at noon. it was probably the hottest longest walk ever. took me an hour to walk home and i made two air conditioned stops along the way. the first being a car shop and the second 711 for some much needed gatorade. overall this morning was an adventure and it wasn't so bad. i've been wanting a good walk and sun shine and i got plenty today.

topping of this crazy morning was an awesome late afternoon/evening hang out with my love:) went shopping for outfits for his brothers wedding. shopping hasnt been that fun before. he makes everything we do amazing. i cant even explain it. after we got a few drinks and played some music together. its been a crazy day but possibly one of the best days all summer,
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