Thursday, August 12, 2010

recently i've realized that there is really only one week of summer left.
its kind of made me a little sad. ive really enjoyed this summer. theres been a lot of work done some fun adventures. soo much free time sometimes a little too much but im not complaining. i really didnt want it to end.
tonight i was thinking about the past 3 years ive spent in college. the people ive met the things ive learned. i really love school. i think if i didnt love it the 10+ hours i spent there almost everyday last year wouldve drove me insane. theres always something going on and new people to meet.
this year im most excited about not having 19 credit hours, my junior recital, having time to really work on the oboe and learn from my teacher, being able to really learn all my music almost to the point of memorization, the awesome new music building (even though i secretly loved colbourn), and the crazy things im gonna get into.
i also want to go to a few football games, mainly for the tailgating i went to my first non marching band football game last year and had a blast.

charles and me playing some frisbee.

so im not as sad about this summer coming to a close. im actually pretty excited and ready to go back to school hopefully this year doesn't fly by like the last 3.

i will miss this spot.. so many practice sessions, lunches, frantic studies for history,long papers, sight singing sessions, sunsets, and bestfriend talks have happened here over the past few years.

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