Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so school has officially started.
2 days in and things are going well:)
my classes seem really enjoyable and useful. which is great. only thing is i haven't gotten back into school mode i come home and i just want to hang out read a book play my oboe. but now i have reading assignments again and projects and things that i have to practice not just the stuff i want to. not like its overwhelming just forgot what a schedule feels like.
tomorrow i have auditions for ensembles. not the biggest deal. but i'm already so nervous. the butterflies are flying all up in my stomach. i know the music been playing the pieces over and over. i recorded like 6 videos of me playing the pieces today and if my audition goes like anyone of those ill be happy. gotta stay positive and own it. but its so hard when i think back to most auditions id feel so good going in and my heart would be crushes on the way out. i don't think i knew how to prepare then, i always felt so sure i had it but then the nerves kicked in and all that came out was a mess. still gotta own it. i've been doing my best and working my hardest.
heres my first day of school picture:)

oh and 1 more day until i go to ny!! really excited!
and tomorrow night is the composers workshop and Chris's should be a great week!

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