Sunday, August 22, 2010

sitting at home on my last day of summer.
really havent left the house all day.
had the worst headache ever that started last night and lasted till about 7 pm.
school starts tomorrow first class at 9:30. Jazz theory. should be really fun. then hopefully hours of practice and a real good workout.
i think that would be an amazing first day.
Yesterday i bought a new camera not the same one from the post below but a fujifilm finepix s2700.
i love it so far:)
also went over to the school and got a look at the inside of the new building. it was BEAUTIFUL. so excited to start using it tomorrow.
2 floor had like 30 practice rooms!30! colbourn had like 10.and some have windows so you dont feel like you locked in a room for hours. the building also has a terrace! so beautiful and seats in the halls like little study areas. so you dont have to sit on the ground like in colcourn. oh and inside bathrooms!! no ice cold seats in winter and mosquitos and muggyness in summer. oh building:) not just 2 hallways anymore.

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