Tuesday, November 2, 2010


having such a great day. had a group project today for music tech we had to make up and record a song.it went real well, at least it was a lot of fun. the percussion part is kind of off but for improvising and only have one take a person its not bad. it was really fun working with new people and trying to get something done on a time crunch. my practice sessions even went well. i came home starving ate and just went crazy trying to fix problems in the Britten pieces. I'm feeling a lot better about them. I recorded all my run-throughs and my best wasn't perfect but more how i want it to be.

I got the call from RDG today. oboe fixed! she also adjusted everything and said it runs a lot smoother. im really excited to get it back. i might not even need a new one if she fixed all the issues i had with it. I'm so excited!!. this is best news ive gotten in a while.
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