Sunday, October 31, 2010


been a while since i've posted anything. a few images from the past 2 weeks.
things have been going really well. oboe is still broken but i should be getting it back this week. I'm really excited about it the oboe im using is garbage. sticky keys,keys that don't close and things move when they shouldn't. i don't know what to do to fix it. i tried for hours adjusting screws and stuff but didn't help much.
but anyways nothing to crazy has happened.

yesterday was my sister in laws birthday the big 30, and my niece threw a halloween party, my brother and me where the only adults to dress up and his costume was basically an Obama mask. people didnt get my costume. i was Betty La Fea, the spanish ugly betty. it was fitting her name is also Beatriz i used to have the braces and still have the glasses my parents used to call me betty la fea, it was a joke but it was a good costume. no one got it but my dad and brother. i kept getting weird looks from the other guests. real awkward. i had to keep bringing up that it was a costume and they were always like OOHHHH ok i thought you just always dressed like that. so yesterday i was really betty la fea.

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  1. YAH! Ugly Betty! I SO would have gotten it. Greats shots btw :)


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