Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my first fishtail braid:) finally figured out how to do them last night. real easy:)
had a great past few days.
went over to dunedin with christopher to stay at his dads house.
it was really fun.
we met up with a couple of his friends for a photoshoot which was fun.funny guys.
there was so much delicious food this trip it was crazy.
Chris' brother dave and his sister in law came from new york and i got to spend the day with them before i had to make my way back home. he has such an amazing family:)
can't wait till christmas day when i can see him and the rest of his family:)
but im also excited for christmas eve with all of my family and baking tomorrow night with my sister:)

hate this phone. such garbage. spent the whole morning on the turn on screen and kept restarting.

Chris' dads house is beautiful:)

boots on the beach!
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