Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hope everyone (if there is anyone out there) had a merry christmas!!
i had a pretty great one.
My family celebrates on christmas eve. it started a little rocky, an incident with taking a certain dog to a certain boarder angered a certain person. but after all that it was a wonderful christmas eve. i love watching my nieces and nephews open gifts. first we read the night before christmas and when this is happening somehow santa comes and leaves everything under the tree. this year we could hear the reindeer jingle as he left.. it was really cute.oh and the food and my family were amazing so much fun. On christmas day i drove out to gainesville. such a long drive alone but i got to see mi amorsito and some pretty cities i have never heard of on the way. I spent the day with chris's family and it was so wonderful. they are amazing people and i really do love them all. they are so sweet and wonderful and intelligent i love it! the food was great, the puzzle was hard,the games were fun ( i love how they do the secret santa, i just think my family is too big),and the wine was pouring. i just had a wonderful time.

ive also been watching my teachers cat buster since christmas day. really sweet cuddly cat, a real lap cat. so i've gotten to practice there and make my reeds and just get away from everyone when i need to breathe.

It was really useful today, was the only place i could go really. see technically i was grounded my mom argued that im too old to be grounded but i would consider grounded to be when your forbidden to leave the house because something bad would happen, which is what happened. so yes im 21 years old and i was grounded. why? because for the past two night i came home around 1130. and since i didn't call consistently( my phone has been disconnected since the 24th) they worry, even though i did call and inform where i was and what id be doing as soon as i got there. which was once. but i said what id do. but whatever not a big deal but ive been stressed all day with the tension in the house and my face is absolutely horrible i have a few breakouts. only a few but there big and in the most obvious places. the worst is the one on my chin because it actually makes my chin look crooked.
maybe this is all to much information. but i need to vent it. and who am i going to tell when my phone isn't operational. Oy..

but tomorrow is another day and im already feeling better. should be picking out new eyeglasses in the morning there's a few styles i'm looking into and this time none will have those transition lenses. i hate those, my 1 good pair of glasses has them and its horrible, i cant wear them in the daytime. the frames look horrible as sunglasses and besides that they are not functional. it takes 10 minutes to de-transition back to normal glasses so a quick step from your car inside leaves you blind for 10 minutes.

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