Thursday, January 6, 2011

I need patience.

I had taken a few days off oboe playing and reed making during the week of christmas. just like 4 days of not touching the oboe and over the past few days i have slowly tried to bring it back. its coming along. but i need it to be back already. been doing short shifts today of playing an hour off for a few play an hour and so on. and its helping im not getting tired and things are happening sound coming back. the reeds i've made are acceptable but need to be broken in. just stressed. ensemble auditions are in a few days. not the biggest deal i know what ensembles i'm in. but i don't want to make a bad impression for the semester, and i would love to not have to play english horn .oyy.ive made so much progress i just want to keep getting better growing as a musician faster then ever before. but i guess i just need more patience. back to getting my embouchure up and running again.
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