Sunday, April 17, 2011

I cant believe i haven't updated this since the beginning of the semester. well its the last full week of this semester and it really has been a crazy one. i don't want to give every detail because it is late, i'm tired, and it would be ridiculous. Overall I turned 22 and i had my junior recital. They were both the same day. I felt so prepared i think the recital was the easiest think i did this semester. and i looked great i feel like i had the most amazing dress in the world. and i used my own reeds. just a great day. also Chris is graduating with his masters this month, his recital was wonderful, and we had a joint birthday party.his mom and grandparents drove all the way out for my recital it made me feel so special. its just crazy. even though i worked soo hard on that i get to relax. for some reason woodwind lit and pedagogy turned out to be my most difficult class. the tests were just as hard as my music history tests and my annotated repertoire list of 50 pieces took me about 15 hours to complete. not to mention the two reviews i still have to do and the final on method books for every wood wind instrument. and on top of that orchestration final project of writing a piano or wind quintet into full orchestra (which the professor still hasn't emailed me) and my two papers and final for my 19th century music class and my final jury for this semester of oboe. all due within the next week, i'm stressin crazzzzyy.. But i faced fucking bears this year a few ridiculous assignments cant hold me back.
thats my semester summed up in the past two weeks pretty much.
ignore my poor grammar and ugly sentence structures. i will probably never fix it.
Its my blog and ill write as ugly as i please:)
i need a poor writing outlet.
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