Monday, August 1, 2011

For real this time.

I get so behind on this blog. I always forget to update and when i remember there is always so much to write about I never want to update. so ill just skip over a lot of details and start fresh.
Today is my first day as a free person again. my summer camp job finished on friday.
Overall it was a great experience so many wonderful kids and i had to do so much on my own for the job like writing lesson plans and creating games that would teach them and be fun.
It was a great learning experience but i missed hours of oboe practice and sleeping till 8am and not always being stressed out. Im truly glad I am unemployed again.
I hate having a boss. I get really uptight when i work i cant be late everything has to be perfect. i hate it. i try so hard to follow every rule and i turn into this boring person. but as soon as that last kid was put in there car on friday i felt this release of tension these people had no power over me anymore i was my own free woman.

another awesome thing about JUly was the weekend trip for Christopher's grandmothers 80th birthday. it was so wonderful we stayed at this resort on the beach. it was the most beautiful place. we went to the beach every morning to the pool spent time with his whole family. it was an amazing trip. he has such an amazing family. we also ate delicious food everyday and drank amazing wine. great trip.
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