Monday, January 2, 2012



I am so grateful for all the experiences and for all the lessons I have learned this past year.
It is so crazy that around this time last year Chris and I thought we would be trapped overnight in the woods with bears, so glad we met that other oboist and her husband on that trail or we might have.
So many great things have happened this year I gave my first recital, I taught music to children of all ages for eight weeks with only maracas and a ton of made up games, I got engaged to the man of my dreams, competed in my first concerto competition, and learned a full concerto and the entire big G minor Bach Sonata in the same semester. I know there is more but whenever i think back on my year I only remember a few key things because i forget what year things happen in. Anyone else ever feel that way? 
This new year so far hasn't been too adventurous chris and i did venture down a creepy dirt road in the middle of the country by a lake where some of the houses looked like potential murder scenes. But that ended with wings and beer with two of our best friends. 
The best thing about this New Years Eve was seeing so many of the people I love and getting to spend quality time with each of them.

I usually never make any new years resolutions but i have a few goals for this year.
Be patient
Believe in my ideas
Love myself for who I am but always strive to be better
Think positively and always do my best 
Be more independent 
and promote myself more

I hope everyone had an amazing new years celebration and that great things come to you in 2012:)

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