Sunday, January 15, 2012

Been a little while..

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while but i get caught up in life really easily.
I just finished my first week back in class and I'm really excited!
For the first time in my college career I am Finally the principal oboist!
I feel bad that I am so happy about it but I have really been working hard.
It is really exciting and every time I read through a solo in orchestra that I earned i feel so so good.
Besides winning principle my classes are fantastic.
I finished my music classes like two semesters ago and for the first time decided not to take any extra music classes. So this semester I'm taking the last class I need (American History) and Spanish.
I love them both!
The classes are so different! i know no one! I forgot how good that feels.
I just have 40 people in each class I can slowly get to know. 
Spanish is fantastic. Im so eager to learn in there.
My spanish grammar is awful, my english grammar is too, so I feel like this is an essential class to help me become fluent again. 
If you didn't know, spanish was my first language and I can understand 
and read it fine I just cant speak it well anymore.
History is great too I secretly am really interested in it but for some reason avoided it.
My ensembles are great as well, chamber orchestra, orchestra, and woodwind quintet.
I have a feeling this will be a fantastic year.
I have also started gyming this week, which is something i hope to keep up.
I even woke up at 5am the first day of school to make it to a 6 am spinning class!

There hasn't been a whole lot of wedding progress this break, chris and i started a few registries. 
none are complete and none feel right. 
But some great news is that Chris just got a full time job teaching music history at Full Sail Univ. !
I am super excited about this and so proud of him because he always works so hard:)
 I'll have more to update about soon!
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