Monday, May 21, 2012

Wedding Shower

So this Saturday was Chris and my wedding shower that my mother threw.
It was soo beautiful and perfect.
She put in a lot of work and made an amazing party and stayed in budget. 
luckily I have an amazing family who all wanted to help, my by sister in laws mother is a caterer so she cooked everything( huge help and super delicious food) and made a huge beautiful buffet.
Also my brother and his wife really helped so much during the event, they pretty much ran the show.
It was great to feel all of our friends and families love and support as we get so so close to the wedding.
The shower actually made it feel so real and sooo close, there are about 30 days until the wedding. 

I didn't get many photos of the party but i did get someone to take this nice one of chris and me
I wish I had taken more photos at the party and of the huge mess when we got home and opened all the gifts..
Crate and Barrel takes a lot of care when wrapping their packages. 
 so we had a mountain of paper and packing materials in our dinning room. 
it is still a mess but nothing compared to saturday night.
we had beautiful orange carnations all over the party I took a few home..

We had a variety of little terrariums that we gave out as party favors. 
This one was my favorite the look like green flowers. 

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