Thursday, May 17, 2012

work follow up..

so I didn't want to update about work on monday because i hated it.
I had tuesday off and I think all i did was dread work on wednesday.
I was so upset and sad and felt awful.
but yesterday was A LOT better.
like i said on friday
i was to quiet and pretty much failed at it.
i kept getting told by head boss to be more assertive, move faster, BE MORE ASSERTIVE!
I had no idea what that meant.
but wednesday i decided to just make the best of it and always kept busy and kept a smile on my face.
It was great.
and I'm not dreading going back to work today:)
I can't say im excited because id rather be hanging out with chris but i dont hate the job:)
I also got a second job this week teaching oboe at two local music schools.
Im really excited about this because i dont have to drive allover town to tach kids anymore:)
I just wait for them to come to me.

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