Friday, May 11, 2012


I got a new job today:) 
It isn't glamourous, but it is pretty cool
Im going to be a server at this awesome teahouse/ Sandwich house called Pom Pom's
I figured serving was the best part time job i could get to get me thorough these next few months
more money for the amount of time 
leaving me plenty of time to practice.
i start monday.
they have the best sandwiches
like Mamma ling ling's thanksgiving dinner
and their black bean pesto soup best black 
bean soup I've ever had...and I'm cuban 

I'm actually pretty nervous about this job
I hate starting new jobs.
I hate being terrible at things,
which i'll probably be at this job.
I speak to soft
I take things personally
I'm clumsy

I'll fill you in on everything Monday.
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