Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'd been avoiding posting anything because it been so long that I didn't know where to begin.
Sooo I'll skip a lot of it and start with, SCHOOL IS DONE!

I couldn't be more excited, except that im jobless and could really use the money.
but besides that the end of the semester has been wonderful. 
Had a pretty good recital, there were a lot of small mistakes but from what everyone else said about it they didn't notice. they loved it and kept telling me it was wonderful.
I cant wait to re-record all those pieces including a few from my junior recital
I think that will be my summer project.
this is one of my favorite photos from my recital, i think i will get it framed. 
my little oboe family.
Besides my recital being done i finished my last real class at UCF.
it feels so good. I did really great this year and I'm happy.
Im really going to miss almost all of my friends graduating this semester and moving away.
the last of the people i started the music degree with.
but it will be great this extra semester on grad school prep should be wonderful.
one class one ensemble and time to prepare for auditions and re-work the sight singing and ear training
I really need the scholarships.

Besides school finishing this summer also means MARRIAGE!
I am so excited. I had my dress fitting yesterday, it is so beautiful I cant wait for chris and my family to see it. I also started picking out bridesmaid dresses cute short summery and orange.
I hope they all look good in orange.
We're also progressing on the church portion of the wedding 
this week we met with an older couple "Jane & Tom"
to go over these questionnaires we had to fill out at our first church meeting.
it was actually really fun. I wish i would've taken a picture of all of us together.
they were such a wonderful couple.
I'm really nervous about the wedding, i feel like im so behind on the preparations.
But with all the parents help I think it can be ready.
52 days left!
I also stated to make the little terrarium favors for the wedding shower.
they look super cute.I'm really excited.

We're mostly caught up now. I'll show pics of the new place in another post and share a few projects I'm working on
Happy Summer:)

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