Sunday, March 11, 2012

the past two weeks.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while
the past two weeks have been pretty eventful.
I finished up the musical out in sanford 
a knock off phantom of the opera.
and played in a basketball tournament. 
It was supposed to co-ed but i was the only girl playing.
it was 3 on 3 basketball and there were 4 teams total.
It was such a fun day, there was an awesome announcer who kept the crowd going, a great dj playing the perfect jams, and a few great performances from one of orlando's best female Mc's Myverse.
our team "the little giants" got crushed in every game but there was some good basketball being played.
at the end of the day Chris and I (mostly chris)
had to drag the basketball hoop about a mile home, most of the time walking in the road. 
so scary.
Did i mention chris set up the event and bought the hoop?
so proud

also this past week was spring break.
So I've had a lot more time to practice and make reeds which I have taken advantage of.
I also found an amazing rental on craigslist in the exact neighborhood Chris and I want to live in.
I had been combing craigslist for months looking at rentals and we had called a few but properties go so fast in this area. luckily I saw this the first night it was posted and called repeatedly in the morning and got a viewing that same day. we fell in love and signed the lease yesterday! 
I'm so excited about it. My first lease:)

also last night I went to the Orange You Glad Festival. it was a lot of fun
there was constantly bands playing and it was fun to walk to all the different bars up and down  mills to see them play.  My favorite band of the night was Hundred Waters check them out!
Sadly this is the last day of my break and the pressure is back on.
I have a recital to finish preparing for its on April 22 but I have to be ready by the first week of April for my hearing. 
So scared but I know I can do it.

*wedding update*
Chris and I finally finished our registry. we chose Crate and Barrel.

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