Friday, February 24, 2012

I did it:)

Sorry I've been so busy lately.
Last weekend was the orchestra concert I'm so glad it is over.
I was really stressed that week because i hadn't been able to make any reeds 
but luckily my teacher helped me finish a few that worked out perfectly for the concert.
I was pretty nervous because I had a solo in every piece that we played.
I was especially nervous because i never used to get solos besides a few measures on the English horn.
But everything went well, I'm not disappointed with anything i played:) which is a first.
the audience seemed to enjoy it to, unless they were all lying to me..
But all i heard were good things and Chris and my parents were really proud. 
ill share a link to the video once UCFtv posts it online.
here are a few pics from the concert:)

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