Monday, July 16, 2012

A glimpse of my life (week one)

This was another wonderful filled with flower headbands, my husband, family, and another beach trip.

Friday our friends Trigos and Daniella came and cooked up a fabulous meal at OUR home.
it was a little weird having them slave away in the kitchen and serve us but they insisted. They made a wonderful gaspacho and the largest and most tender piece of pork I have had in a long time.
I really wish I had taken some photos it was a beautiful spread:)

Saturday after I got off work Chris had gotten free tickets for us to go see the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess. It was pretty cool because they when we arrived the will call didn't have any tickets for us and realized we were media and sent us around back to the stage door and we got to sit in the side stage.
which was cool because we got to see the orchestra up close and I had a few friends in there i got to talk with during the intermission.

I didn't love this concert, I never really played zelda so I had no attachment to any of the music and musically it was okay. nothing spectacular. What I really enjoyed was the reactions from the audience.
the hooting and hollering, the cheers, the begging for more music. they had three planned encores and even after those were done people were still cheering for more. Also the amount of adults with handheld video games that night was ridiculous.

Sunday morning was spent in the early morning renting a truck and moving the last piece of my furniture from my parents house. Also we had had issues with out airconditioning last week and then saturday noticed a leak in the ceiling that had torn off paint and dripped water so the super was in and out yesterday fixing that up.

Around noon we drove out to st pete to visit Chris' Mom and Rick.  It was such a great day filled with great food a beautiful beach and nice family time. The beach was wonderful the gulf is so much more alive then the atlantic. so much warmer to. at the beach there was a little inlet filled with huge shells with sea snails living in them and there were really cool burrowing slugs that i just had to keep catching. I really enjoyed St. Pete if your ever in Florida make a stop there:)

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