Monday, February 25, 2013

Music Monday & Vegan Carrot Cake

This is another audition week for me (Audition week two) and I'm both super excited and overwhelmed. But yesterday instead of stressing, I spent the day helping my Husband get ready for this years Accidental Music Festival!

So excited about this year and in honor of music monday I'll post a video of a group i'd love to see perform at the festival.
Roomful of Teeth!

Lately on my practice breaks I've been baking and doing wifey things. And switching to a vegan lifestyle has given me the opportunity to figure out how to still eat all my favorite foods.
This week was Carrot cake.
I already made it twice this week.

For some reason being vegan means we are constantly hungry.
Are missing something?

Since cream cheese frosting isn't vegan i tried a few different recipes but the best one I found here.
I didn't have vegan butter so i just used an equal amount of oil. I will try and find a good vegan cream cheese frosting, when I do I will add it to this post.

 have a great week!


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