Monday, February 18, 2013

Audition tour

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but my husband and I have been driving around the eastern part of the country for graduate auditions. As I'm writing this we are on the way to Lexington ky.

I had my audition at Roosevelt university today and it went so well.
The faculty was friends, my reeds were fine , and it snowed!

We drove up to Chicago Thursday morning and spent valentines day in the car.
We arrived at 130 am and my husband surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. It was a great time. Friday we it to explore the city, we stayed in the congress plaza hotel (supposedly haunted), which is right across from grant park. We didn't see the bean but we saw our old friend Russ and his lovely gf Kelly, we had some awesome Indian food and discover native foods, an all vegan place with some seriously delicious food. I want one in Orlando. And we went to the empty bottle to see a show. For a day and a half we packed a lot of stuff in.

If you want to follow out trip I'm posting on Instagram under the hash tag beltsacrossamerica.

I hope I like Lexington half as much as Chicago.

Already on the way I've had a nosebleed. Maybe it's all of the heaters and lack of tropical humidity but my body hates this weather.

But even though I've been uncomfortable
I cried a little when I saw snow, it was really beautiful.
I probably looked like a crazy person out in between Roosevelt and grant park trying to catch snow and crying. But it was awesome. I had just had a great audition and then bam snow, I've wanted to see it my whole life.

Do people who live up north really not like snow? Is it the nosebleeds?


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