Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's in my (reed) bag.

So Instead of doing a typical what's in my bag post I decided to so a post on what tools I keep in my reed bag.
First pocket
Second pocket
My favorite threads stay with me always. Men at work, Lemon Zest, Prom Queen Pink

I use a small Altoids tin to keep my razor blades, Leaving them loose has caused prior injury (they are good hiders),
and three different style plaques.
The flat steel plaque I never use, it is a lot easier to crack a reed with it and a lot harder to scrape a reed with. But i keep it around because it was my first one and given to me by my first teacher.
The red one was a recent purchase it was cute and only two dollars so I thought i'd try it.  It works pretty well. It's a little thick so reeds need to be wet more often but it is plastic so it doesn't get scraped and dented like the wood plaques. Both can be purchased here.
My favorite and go to plaque is the contoured wooden plaque. You can see in the photo that it's a little misshapen and sad looking, but it works like a dream.
It keeps the corners and allows you see all the imperfections in the reed.
It is a little more expensive than the rest, but i've had mine for two years and I'm just now feeling like i could get a new one. This plaque can be purchased here.

PiƱa-colada surf wax, old cheap mandrel,Ruler from Lowes, 10.5-11 gauged oboe caneIndia combination stone

I've tried so many water containers and this tiny jelly jar is my favorite. no leaks, cute, and the perfect size.
Landwell Reed Knife RH-Hard, Cheap beveled knife, Mark Chudnow Razor Knife

My Love

I feel like this is more exciting and informative than what i keep in my everyday bag, and way more precious to me.

Honestly all I ever carry is my wallet, my phone, and four shades of orange lipstick.

Im obsessed.

and to get off topic...

Chris and I mapped out the audition road trip extravaganza for this week and checked the weather for all the cities.
I'm in dire need of winter clothes. We will be in each state on their coldest day and the only days with chances of snow this week.
I've never even seen snow and the only winter clothes I own are a pleather jacket, a raggedy pair of boots, thin cartoony socks and decorative scarves.

what does one wear for an audition/ interview in snowy weather?

I feel like im just going to want to wear a down comforter all day.

I need help.

did i mention I've been wearing tank tops all week here?

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