Monday, February 11, 2013

Audition week 1 & vegan banana pancakes

The time has come where hopefully my practicing pays off.
Grad school auditions begin this week with Chicago, Baltimore, and possibly Kentucky if timing works.
My husband and I will drive out thursday for an awesome weekend of auditions ( staying positive ).
Only thing left to do is practice non stop and make all the reeds I can.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend.
Hubby and I had a great one. lots of quality time, listened to each other practice, saw a possible home we might purchase, and saw the Lunar new year parade in our neighborhood.

 I dont think I've mentioned this before, but Chris and I decided to become vegan.
we were already vegetarians and i didnt think dairy and eggs were that harmful to animals, but i did some research and dairy cows and egg chickens are actually treated quite horribly.
So we made the switch.
It's been about two weeks and its been pretty easy.
The hardest part has been no milk ( My drink of choice ). we bought almond milk, which even though it is good for you has the slimiest greasy texture. I hate it. Sorry to those that enjoy it.
There was a deal at publix two for five, so I bought two and I cannot wait for them to finish.
I do enjoy rice milk so that will probably be the one we choose. I feel like we eat a lot of soy to also drink soy milk. Too much soy cant be good right?

well anyway this weekend i made these banana pancakes.

They were so good and super easy.

all you need is
1 cup flour
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons baking powder
a tiny bit of salt
1 cup of whatever imitation milk you have. I used the Almond milk...
2 tablespoons oil. I used canola.
some vanilla extract
and 1 banana.

Combine all the dry ingredients then mix in the milk, vanilla, and oil.
I sliced the banana into the bowl and then mashed it up.

cook like you would any other pancake and top with whatever fruit you like or have on hand.

the recipe makes about two large pancakes with a third tiny one.
but i'm sure you could make 5 smaller ones. or you can cook them in a heart shape cookie cutter for valentines day.
Molly Yeh just did that on her blog with some buckwheat pancakes and they looked awesome.
I might try them thursday morning before we head out on our big drive.

Did i mention i got in a car accident?
Luckily it was minor the other driver is fine and I am fine but my car isn't.
Poor Ernesto got towed away so I am carless for a while.
So I need to find a way to get across town to my rehearsal tonight.

I wish orlando had better public transportation..
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