Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogging in my car.

So my husband let his license expire, he or got he needed to renew it on his birthday so I've been driving him around lately. As of now I'm sitting in airconditionless car with the windows down blogging on my phone.
I guess I haven't posted in a while because I am now 24. I turned 24 on the 10th of April and my husband turned 28 the 12th. There was also a new addition to the belt crew that week, beautiful baby Claudia was born on the 9th. It was a pretty crazy week and Chris and I are so lookin forward to meeting baby Claudia this summer when we go apartment hunting in Ny!
Have I mentioned I'm moving to New York to study at manhattan school of music!!?
I'm super excited about this.
It's crazy how things in Orlando feel like thy are ending. I had my final orchestra concert and final rehearsal. So hard to believe I've been in that ensemble for five years. I went from one of the worst players at my school to being accepted to msm. From not really being able to read music to one of the top schools in the country with a scholarship. You all don't know how terrible I was, but UCF gave me unlimited opportunities and chances to grow and better myself. I owe everything to my teacher, my husband, and Dr. Marosi for always being patient and believing I could do anything. I will miss Orlando, the only place I've ever known. But I'll be back eventually . Until then NY will be a good second home.

For my birthday I bought myself an instax mini 8! I've wanted an instax mini for a while, I bought the yellow one. It is exactly what I wanted in the cutest softest yellow color. It is perfect.

I also opened an oboe shop on etsy where right now I'm selling my reeds but soon I will have some oboe related items up so if you are interested here is the URL
It is pretty bare right now.

I'm starting to get a little sleepy writing this, something about the cool breeze mixed with my pandora station is setting a perfect nap mood.

Hope you all have had a good week, happy almost Friday!
Also if any of you live in NY lets meet up:)


  1. You are adorable! Congratulation on NY!!! I hope you like snow, I've never seen snow, but I hear it can be horrendous. Catch you later!

  2. that's awesome, congrats on the upcoming changes and your accomplishments!
    i been thinking of getting an instax myself :) that's a super cool like gadget, to capture your new adventures
    all the best xxom

  3. Thank you:) i do like snow, just not driving it. granted I've only just seen snow this winter it was nice. and luckily public transportation in Ny is awesome so I won't have to drive:)

    I recommend the instax mini, I got mine on i got the kit for 104 60 exposures of film, a case and the instax 8. Best deal i could fine, also shipping was free and i got it within a week.


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