Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Symphony Under the Stars.

So as I've mentioned before I am officially done here at UCF. last monday was my last orchestra rehearsal and orchestra is probably one of the only things I will miss about UCF. Laszlo Marosi ( the director) Is probably one of the sweetest, most interesting, and caring people the University will ever have and I am sad he will no longer be my director, but I am sure we will still talk. I am really glad I got to finish out the Beethoven series this year with the performance of Beethoven's 9th symphony, its crazy to think I started orchestra back at his 6th symphony. If you were interested how this performance went, here is a video:)

One concert series I will miss is Symphony Under the stars. Every april we would have an outdoor concert by the reflection pond in the center of campus. The concerts always varied greatly one year we did a Gershwin concert, another we did Mahler's 1st symphony, this year we did an operetta, waltz, and polka concert featuring the music of Strauss. It was a sweet concert and I'm feeling a little sentimental lately about the huge changes coming my way. I will be leaving my friends, my teacher, and all my family here and moving on my own with my husband. I am really excited, but I am still nervous and sad.

Here is a video of the Emperor Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr.
Did i mention Symphony under the stars isn't our best sounding concert? I love it anyways.
Can you hear me?
*hint, I play they oboe.

Here are a couple terrible videos posted from the same concert:)

Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss

Redetzky March by Johann Strauss

The fanciest march I've ever heard. I feel like it would be a march played at some posh party for a king.

I am really excited to get to know a new orchestra and to have a string section filled with students who take lessons and are studying music even if that means a smaller string section. It was hard at UCF because there aren't many string students there. But we made it work with all of the help from community members:)

Happy Tuesday!
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