Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hello again:)

I know i haven't really updated much this summer but i've felt pretty useless and nothing has really been happening. 
I'm not working right now aside from teaching and the occasional filling in as a temporary manager at work so I am kind of just a housewife for the summer as well as a chauffer ( chris still hasn't fixed his license situation).
I have a little over a month left in Florida before the big move for school. I am nervous and excited with a touch of sadness and nostalgic mixed in. I will miss being so close to my family the most. Whenever I want to be with them or need help they are under twenty minutes away and not having them so close will take some getting used to. But it will be nice to live in a big city and have only my husband to rely on:) It should be a pretty exciting adventure. 
I am also really excited to get out of this death trap of a house we live in. 
This place is truly miserable, faulty wiring, slanted floors on the top floor (slanted by the weight of appliances), a bathroom waiting to be fallen though because the floor is soft, of and lots of tiny spiders that I cant seem to kill. The spiders might be harmless but they do haunt my mind. 
Im glad we made the move to save more before the big move, but the owner should've known better than to rent a place that really isn't safe for living. 
Luckily the construction on the front house is over and the water is getting to our house by actual pipes now instead of by a very long garden hose. for the first month and a half we got water through a hose, which meant we could drink,cook,or brush our teeth with the water from the tap. I still dont understand why the owner didn't by a drink safe hose. 
But i am very excited to be moving out of this house. I love the layout upstairs and it is a cute old house but everything i listed above kind of ruins all of that. 
We will be in NY next month to hopefully find a nice apartment with solid floors and drinkable water:). I'll post some photos eventually. 
It's also a week away from Chris and my first year anniversary:) We still haven't had a proper honey moon because of chris work schedule, but next week we will have 9 days of vacation that we decided to spend in Florida doing everything we have wanted to do, but never found the time. I am actually really excited about our sort of "staycation" 1 because It doesn't involve flying or me driving cross country, 2 because I really love Florida and what better vacation before you move than fully enjoying the area where you grew up and spent your life, and 3 because it means we can still save more and fully enjoy those 9 days together without the stress of travel and finding boarding for the animals. I can't believe a year has already passed since wedding week. 
There really is no point or structure to this post. I'll be more organized eventually. 
Happy fathers day to all the dads:) I can't wait to go see mine later today!
Have a happy end to your weekend and I'll update more soon. 

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