Friday, August 9, 2013

NYC life

I live in NYC.. It is so weird to think I no longer live in Florida. The first time in my life I haven't lived in Florida. 

It was such a long drive in the Budget truck. We left Thursday at 11 am slept for 5 hours in Fayetteville and made it to our new place at 630pm on Friday.
It was the worst unpacking the truck on a Friday night.
The move was an adventure, the place is so much smaller than we remembered. But it's a good small, it has a great feel to it and the bedroom is large. 
I'm in love with out neighborhood, the people are so friendly and instead of smelling like pee it smells like fruits an cigars because of all the markets. Pls with all the Hispanic people my Spanish skills are on the rise. 
I still have about a month until school starts so my life right now is about practice and finding work. 
I really miss my family but living here is exciting. Plus we have some good friends here. 
There's a great park by our house and the dogs are happy because they actually get substantial walks now.. 

That's pretty much where we are right  now. There's so much walking here my calves burn from the constant hills in the neighborhood and our house has no a/c which hasn't been an issue until today. But we should get an a/c soon. We also have no wifi so I'm writing this post from a bar on 35th at while Chris is at a rehearsal with his old band. You have to rent rehearsal space here to play amplified... So weird. 
I'll update again soon and hopefully do more than just update about my life on here once I'm settled 
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