Saturday, August 17, 2013

I can not believe it has already been two weeks since the big move.
The apartment is pretty much unpacked, we still have some boxes in the hall way and a tub of cd's in the living room but until we get a few more shelves or some kind of ottoman nothing else is really going to move.
I kind of really love living here. I love walking everywhere, I love the subway, I love all the bachata blasting in my neighborhood. I can't wait till we have some work and can experience some of the paid things in NY but we've been having fun working and trying out all the free things you can do.
The picture above was taken in Fort Tryon Park in Inwood. We met a few friends who were in town that day and luckily couldn't seem to find each other so we had to walk allover the park.
It was so clean and beatuiful, there were trails, and gardens, people sunbathing and napping on grass, and hills that overlooked the river. And it was all so clean! I was so surprised, I definitely want to make another trip out there and really just enjoy everything. The park also has the Cloisters in it and we got to walk around looking at medieval art for a few hours. The museum has no set price they suggest a $25 dollar donation each, but we are currently super broke so we gave a dollar each, the admission guy said that is about average, but I hope next time we go we will be in a better position and could give more, it was really a cool little museum.
Even though we have a lot less income than we did I really like where we are and that chris and I can spend all together again, like we did when we were in school and still get so much done.
I hope I never have to get a full time job and that I can live on just playing the oboe and teaching lessons.
I want to get my Etsy shop running again, but I have no way of shaping cane. I ordered a shaper tip, Gilbert +1, from RDG in June and they have been having issues with the manufacturing of the tips so I haven't gotten it yet. So hopefully soon I'll have more reeds listed.
I am also feeling a little homesick lately, the little ones in the family are all starting school and tomorrow is my moms birthday.
I haven't ever been away for my moms birthday before so I am feeling sad about not being there.
I also feel bad for not calling as much as I want to. The reception in my apartment is so bad and when I'm not there I am usually at starbucks using wifi or the laundramat. none of these are good places to call from.
I can't wait to get wifi in the house so I can skype with my family.
or blog more consistently.
I'll do an apartment post soon and show how we are living in our very tiny space:)
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