Wednesday, October 16, 2013

hell week

This week has been so insane and its only half over.
I have multiple rehearsals a day and more work to be done at night. my planning has been off and I feel like I have no idea what's going on.
I've had to reschedule work twice because I kept forgetting what rehearsals I had at night.
I work tonight till 2 am but thankfully my morning class has been cancelled because an optional ceremony for our president is happening at the same time.
so my first class is at 12 tomorrow and I can get a little extra sleep.
that's really the only reason why this is such a hellish week.
I am exhausted and am not able to sleep in. the days just keep dragging on and I love what I am doing but the lack of sleep and food is killing it for me.
After this week I can handle anything:)

Luckily Ralph Marston's twitter keeps sending notifications on my phone (even though I disabled twitter notifications) because his posts this week have been on point and have helped me get through rehearsals and classes.
Maybe my phone knows what is best.
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