Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arnold Schoenberg

lately, I've been enjoying doing my research and homework for certain classes. On friday I Have to present on Arnold Schoenberg for my 20th century theory analysis class and will not get to share this detail since it isn't relevant to his musical style, but I thought it was so interesting.

  "These were years of crisis not only for Schoenberg’s musical style but in his domestic life. He had made the       acquaintance of the Viennese painters Oskar Kokoschka and Richard Gerstl, and in 1908 took up painting   seriously. Gerstl, who had become a family friend, gave lessons to both him and his wife. During that summer he discovered that she was having an affair with Gerstl, with whom she then went to live. Later she was persuaded to return for the sake of the children; in November Gerstl committed suicide." (from the new grove biography of Arnold Schoenberg)

Richard Gerstl

painting of Schoenberg by Gerstl

Mahlers Funeral by Schoenberg (22 May 1911)

Alexander Von Zemlinsky( Shoenberg's main teacher) by Shoenberg.
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