Friday, September 23, 2011


It has been really hard to keep up with this blog since school has started but i think I am finally getting my act together. I had been so depressed at the beginning of the semester I'm assuming it was just the overwhelming amount of pressure from school but I'm not sure, I feel fine now. I am finally becoming a bit more organized. These past few weeks have been tough but that is what i needed. I had a terrible lesson this past monday. just awful. I felt brain dead i hadn't made any good reeds and everything i had been working on fell through it was miserable and the scales. my gosh the scales. It was just too awful to go into more detail, but this week i was determined to get it right. I feel really great about the work i've putting in. For studio we are reading the Musician's Way and it is a wonderful book. I'm only in the fourth chapter and I feel like it has already changed my demeanor. I hate to admit it but the oboe would make me so angry, I was always frustrated. The smallest mistake felt like a huge personal fault, but i feel like I've finally learned accept mistakes and how to fix them without letting emotions get in the way. Of course Chris has been telling me all these techniques since I met him, but I feel like reading them help me to internalize them. Some non-oboe related news the wedding planning has officially begun. Chris and I started to talk budget with my parents and still need to have a larger meeting with both his and my parents to really get a set budget. We also started looking into a few places mainly Casa Feliz for the reception and the whole idea of a catholic ceremony isn't out of the picture:). Pretty excited. The only real decision i've made is i want these shoes.
I don't know how I did it but I met the most amazing man and crazily enough he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. The idea still puts me in a state of awe.
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