Monday, September 5, 2011

So I've been feeling much better since my last post, those were just some unfortunate days. But this has been a lovely 3 day weekend and I am just really happy. If you guys haven't seen this you should! My fiance got the cover story and a four page spread for the festival he started. The festival started last night with a show at Timucua featuring performer Emily Hay, with Brad Dutz and Wayne Peet. It was such a great show. I don't think i have been as moved by a performance in my life. It was so good. We had been hosting a yard sale for the festival these past two days. I have been out there all gross, sweaty, and bored. There is only so much to do while sitting on a stoop all day, I have no idea how stoop kid did it. Hope everyone is Having a great Labor day weekend! I will post some photos soon:)

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