Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm so happy to be home with my baby boy.
I've had a really great day!
I got to spend the afternoon with the love of my life.
this morning i got help from one of my professors question about the concerto I am working on and he was more then happy to help and after he helped me he asked me to print out the score so he can continue to help me with the concert. I was pretty excited about this because he is also the worlds leading authority on this composer!
It was such a great day. I've been trying to relax and just enjoy what I am doing.
This morning I missed my statistics lab because I overslept but that was ok because I got more sleep, which i really need.

There has also been progress made on my wedding plans. We will be having a Catholic wedding in the church that i have been attending since I was six. I'm really excited and what makes it better is that Chris doesn't have to convert for us to have the whole mass ceremony. I was really nervous about that, i don't want to push my religion onto anyone. So that situation is all cleared up and now we are in the process of getting these wedding classes set up through the church, which is a six month process. I just hope its nothing like License to Wed I didn't like this movie I just remember being annoyed the whole time. Now that dates are almost set I can start looking at dresses, I just hope i can find one that makes me look as beautiful as my grandmother at her wedding. I'm thinking lace and a spanish veil.

This photo isn't from their wedding but it is a really great photo of my grandparents from that time.

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