Monday, October 10, 2011

Two years ago.

Around this time two years ago I started dating the love of my life.
He had come back to grad school and was so cute!
I saw him all the time. he was always hanging out with the guitar kids, which was awesome because i was friends with most of them so it was kind of easy to meet him.
For the first few weeks of school we didn't really talk, usually it was just a passing smile in the hall with a head nod. I honestly didn't think he had much of an interest in me. But then he sent me this message..

I can still remember reading that message, I was sitting outside of Colburn hall on my computer because there were never any practice rooms available and it was just this instant feeling of warmth and excitement.
we ended up hanging out at stardust on the 23rd and have been inseparable since.
He is truly the love of my life and my best friend.
I couldn't be more excited about sharing my life with him:)
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