Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching up.

 It has been a long time since I've updated anything about my life so I thought a share a few memorable things about my past month..

I was doing good this summer about keeping up with exercise but as soon as I started working hard on oboe again I just lost motivation. I NEED to get back to exercising. Its been two weeks!
Chris my brother and I are supposed to be doing a 5k in october with mud obstacles? it should be fun and it is time to train!

 My god daughter is the cutest child..she started her pre-school full time and is no longer at my parents everyday I miss seeing her all the time. really crazy how fast kids grow.

I love my husband! over two months since we got married can not believe how fast time is going by.
he dyed my hair a few weeks ago!
It was magenta!! now it's more of a burgundy. here is a photo from after he dyed it.

 we had this fish for about a day we had gotten a new 10 gallon tank, new for us, and this little rainbow shark and a pictus catfish came with it. we were going to keep them but they attack paquiao and that was the end of them. I gave them to a local pet store to resell they were to agressive and the tank wasn't large enough foe them. everything i read about them said minimum of twenty gallons. so I just couldn't take care of them. hopefully they found good homes.

 Pacquiao did get some new tank mates though, four otocinclus (the motley crew), an african dwarf frog ( magic johnson), and an ivory snail(Barack) .

 I got my first Birchbox this month and I was so excited. can not wait until next months.

 Been working hard too. practice, studying for grad school, and helping chris with the festival ( kind of)
Deerhoof is coming!v

back at school in a room all alone..

and I've been working on my bento skills!
thats pretty much everything.
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