Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Goals for 2013

1. Practice everyday because I want to.
      I tend to go through the motions most days, feeling uninspired and listless. This year I want to
      go into each practice session with a want to get better and a love of playing.
2.Work on my fitness and stay in shape.
     This is probably one of everyone's goals this year but it is necessary. I started 2012 so well, with 
     all the spinning classes, bootcamps, and stadium runs every week. I need to get back 
     to that and stay there.
3.Get accepted into graduate school.
     I want to further my education and for the next few months I will 
     be auditioning at various schools. wish me luck!
4.Move somewhere exciting
     This goes along with graduate school. I'm auditioning in awesome cities and I am excited to 
     experience new places. Even if the grad school idea falls through (if I don't get 
     enough scholarships or an assistantship) I still want to move to a new city for a while. Mainly 
     for the experience because I've lived in Orlando since first grade... 
5.Love more and Judge less.
     I'll admit I'm not always secure in myself and put up walls to keep people out. so this year I
     want to love myself and others more and stop judging and comparing myself.
6.Become confident in professional me.
     being confident in my oboe playing has never been part of me. I started late.took lessons late. took
     a year off oboe before I decided to major in it. I've always been behind. I'm still not the best 
     but I've come so far in my abilities and I need to celebrate that and still continue to work
     and improve.
7.Be Better.
     be a better wife/daughter/sister/aunt/niece/cousin/friend/student and any other form of that I
     left out.
8.Be active in religion again.
     Growing up I had Sunday school followed by mass and during the week I had youth group. 
     But  when i started college I got busy fast and religion was one of the things that got lost in that. 
     I don't want to or have time to be at church everyday but I'd be happy if I can make it to mass 
     once a week. 
9.Do more everyday.
      I get caught up in the house almost everyday and honestly don't know where my day goes. I like 
     to get a good practice session in before i do anything but that session usually starts later and 
     later and after i do the two or three hours its like five p.m. ( i haven't practiced or made reeds 
     yet today) so my goal is to just get it done early and have time to live my life and go 
     on adventures. This might also be why i often am not in the mood to practice and would rather 
     be outside doing something. so hopefully this helps with number one.
10. Live in the moment more.
     this sounds simple but it is something I almost never do. I always have something else going on 
     in my mind and never really savor what I am doing. I never fully experience anything because  
     I always think of what i should do next or am stressing about oboe things. so my top goal this 
     year is to live in the moment and appreciate all my  experiences, good or bad. 

Does anyone still set goals for new years?
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